Drunken Dumpling | Giant soup dumpling


Drunken Dumpling, situated in New York has a very unique specialty, the XL XLB. The XL XLB is a giant soup dumpling. The extra-large soup dumpling is filled with crab, scallops, shrimp and pork in a combination of chicken, pork, and vegetable broths.

Drunken Dumpling is owned by Yuan Lee, the restaurant is a family affair with Lee mother’s Qihua Guan serving as Executive Chef. She is one of the best dumpling experts in the USA.

Giant soup dumpling, how is it made?

In order to make the extra-large soup a bowl is filled with the above standing ingredients and topped with the broths. Gelatine is added to the broths, after the soup is made it has to set in the fridge. After a couple of hours the set broths are put into the dumpling dough. Now the dumpling will be steamed and will be served with straws, a spoon isn’t an option!

Check out in this video how the giant dumpling is being made!

Website: Drunken Dumpling

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