Ghee Easy – great cooking oil


For decades long Ghee is popular in the Indian kitchen, the biological oil is also becoming more popular in the Netherlands now. Ghee Easy is prepared according to the traditional Indian method while using high quality Dutch butter. Large packaging is available now for the hospitality industry.

Ghee Easy

Whether you’re either baking, frying, stir frying or deep frying: it is all possible with Ghee Easy. In short, Ghee is a very pure form of purified butter. According to the traditional Indian Ayurveda culture it is healthy,  it improves digestion and helps absorbing nutrition. It earned a place on the list of superfoods. Another benefit is the burning point of Ghee Easy, which is no less than 250°C. Frying and baking in ghee is therefore a safer option. The guys from Ghee Easy have the slogan: “Butter on toast, olive oil for the salad, baking in ghee! Really good cooking oil.” Besides the Ghee Easy natural flavour there also are two other flavours available: Ghee Easy Rosemary and Ghee Easy Indian Spice.

Ghee Easy in the hospitality industry

Bas Wiegel, chef at ‘Restaurant de Kas’ in Amsterdam uses Ghee Easy and is a big fan of it. “We use ghee for a lot of different dishes. For baking meat and fish, but also to season the vegetables. The caramel like flavours from the ghee are delicious. The taste cannot be compared with normal purified butter.” Says Bas Wiegel.

Since several weeks the hospitality industry can get large packages (500gr, 850gr). You can order these at the ‘Hanos’. There also are 2,5 litre buckets available that you can order at De Lindenhoff.

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