Spelly Straws | Get rid of the standard straws


Spelly Straws aren’t just any straw. They’re individual letter pieces that connect to form personalized words straws you can drink from. Spell a name, form a message or just let your imagination run free.

Once you have your word spelled, just pop it in your drink and start sipping. From water to juice, Spelly Straws add extra sipping fun to all water-based beverages. The Spelly Straws are BPA free.

Spelly Straws are extremely suitable for kids in a restaurant. Ask children their name and personalize their drink with their own name straw. Get rid of your standard straws.

The company behind the straws is currently raising money to put their idea into production. With four days left they already collected four times the amount needed. So the product will be on the market soon.

Bron: Kickstarter

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