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Zeddam will have a unique drive-through deli in the beginning of 2016.

Drive-through deli in Zeddam

People from the Zeddam region regularly drive to the other side of the border to get tasty and healthy sandwiches in Germany and drive back again. Daphne Kempers (21) was inspired by this and initiated an innovative deli in Zeddam with so-called “German pastries” that will be ready early 2016. The new deli-concept will be open seven days a week from seven o’clock in the morning until seven o’clock in the evening. Next to the German sandwiches the deli also offers cakes, coffee and wine.

Convenient, quick and healthy

The innovative sandwich shop is convenient, quick and healthy. With these three key features Daphne addresses important trends that are relevant today and in the near future. The price / quality ratio will meet German standards, so expect good and affordable sandwiches. Guests can order and pay through an app to prevent standing in line.

Crowd sourcing for the name

To come to the perfect name, Daphne calls out to the public. A competition has been started for the best name of the future deli. Creative people can participate via the Facebook page Broods.

Online click-and-collect service for Germans?

We hope the Germans will visit the drive-through deli for a sandwich in the near future, instead of the other way around which happens now. Perhaps an online click-and-collect service for Germans that order products through Dutch web shops can contribute to this. It may be an additional reason to pick up a sandwich on the go. Armand Sol has recently written a blog (in Dutch) about integrating online click-and-collect points in the hospitality industry.

Bron: Broods

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