Gastronaut Ice Cream – world’s first artisanal freeze-dried ice cream


Gastronaut Ice Cream, the first organic and unmeltable ice cream. Freeze-dried so you can enjoy this premium ice cream anywhere.

The 1960s solution

Freeze-dried ice cream known as “Astronaut Ice Cream” allegedly went to space on the Apollo 7 (though this fact has recently been disproved). It’s sold at space museums and camping stores. The inventor has eaten it his whole life but it doesn’t taste that good because they start with the cheapest ice cream imaginable.

The Modern Solution; Gastronaut Ice Cream

Creator Robert Collignon has sourced super-premium organic ice cream that’s made in Brooklyn. You could scoop it up and put it in a cone. Instead, he slice it into rectangles and put it into a freeze-dryer for a day. After it’s freeze-dried, you pop it into your mouth, and it tastes just as good as the frozen ice cream it started with—actually better, because his secret is to add a touch of sea salt.

Eat it Anywhere

Eat your Gastronaut Ice Cream everywhere! At your desk, rock climbing, on the subway, hiking, at the beach, doing laundry, at a cat cafe, sneak it into a movie, in church…you get the idea.

The project has 6 days left on Kickstarter and has been backed more than 5 times already! So we will be able to experience the Gastronaut ice cream in the near future.

Website: Gastronaut Ice Cream

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