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  • Fruit beers by Lowlander brewed with surplus fruitFruit beers by Lowlander brewed with surplus fruit

Botanical brewer Lowlander has been brewing for years with herbs, spices and fresh fruit, or botanicals, each bringing its own unique flavour. Now the botanical brewer is going one step further, launching a rotating range of fruit beers. Fruit beers by Lowlander are brewed with fruit and botanical ingredients added to a white beer base. This not only results in deliciously complex new flavour combinations without unnecessary additives, but also reduces food waste.

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“We all grow up with the luxury of enjoying fruit and vegetables all year round. But with this convenience comes excess: half of all fruit produced is wasted, according to the UN. As a botanical brewer, we like to contribute to building a better food system and thus consciously choose to use unsold, excess, or misshapen ingredients. This way, you can literally taste how much flavour there is in fresh, natural ingredients that would otherwise go to waste,” explains Chief Botanical Officer of Lowlander Frederik Kampman.

Fruit Beers by Low Lander | Preventing food waste and it tastes good

This first edition brings the taste of spring: Leftover Lemon & Elderflower is brewed with elderflower and surplus lemons rejected by supermarkets. A lively and refreshing fruit beer, with a soft floral finish and the natural taste of fruit, with no added sugars or artificial fruit flavourings.

Besides fighting food waste, this beer also combats climate change, as Lowlander is a member of 1% For The Planet, donates 1% of sales to Trees for All through which they support sustainable forestry projects in the Lowlands and beyond for a healthier climate. Lowlander Leftover Lemon & Elderflower is now on sale at Albert Heijn and in the Lowlander webshop. Good to know: Each release contains a small batch based on how much surplus fruit is available, so gone is gone. The fruit beer summer edition is already in preparation.

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