Frosted Key Lime shake | When will we see pie shakes in the Netherlands?


  • Frosted Key Lime ShakeFrosted Key Lime Shake

The American fast food chain Chick-Fil-A is currently testing the Frosted Key Lime shake in Austin, Texas. The concept of shakes with cake taste is certainly not new, last summer we already mentioned Polly’s Pies shakes in Los Angeles in one of our articles on A pie shake is made by mixing scoops of ice cream with a piece of pie. The drink is then topped with a dash of whipped cream and garnishes as desired. In this case, the dessert Florida Key Lime pie has been an inspiration for the final Frosted Key Lime shake, which must taste like pie, but isn’t a mixture of pie and ice cream.

We still wonder when we will see this kind of shakes in the Netherlands!

Responsible enjoyment | Sugar free flavorings and natural colorings

Despite the fact that the drink comes across as a real calories bomb (340 calories in a standard version and 270 in a light version), responsible elements have been added. The taste is determined by a sugar-free lime syrup made by a combination of key limes from Florida, Persian limes from Iran and Iraq and Kaffir limes from Thailand and Laos. The mild green color of the Frosted Key Lime shake by Chick-Fil-A comes from the use of superfoods spirulina and the herb turmeric.

Frosted Key Lime Shake | When will we see pie shakes in the Netherlands?

The drink, with the sweet, creamy and fresh sour taste of the official dessert is currently only tested in Austin, Texas. You can taste a small version of the shake which is available for $ 3.39.

Last year when we wrote the article about Polly’s Pies Shakes in Los Angeles, we also wondered when we would see these kinds of shakes in the Netherlands? There are enough bakeries that also sell ice cream. Last year we made a pie shake during a ‘Friday afternoon drink’ and most colleagues were positively surprised!

Website: Chick-Fil-A

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