From launderette to local pub


No more waiting for two hours until your laundry is finished in an boring launderette… Two young advertisers Dries Henau and Yuri Vandenbogaerde launched the new concept the ‘Wasbar’ in Gent last October. The concept is simple, the ‘Wasbar’ is a combination of a launderette and a pub. While you have to wait for your laundry, you can drink something, eat breakfast or lunch, browse on the web, meet friends or even have your hair cut. On some evenings you can eat tapas and concerts are organized. What started on a small scale, turned into a great success. They soon will soon open a second location of the concept in Antwerp and a third in Leuven. There is also a request to franchise.. Look also at the launderette in Amsterdam.

Bron: Volkskrant 30 april

Website: De Wasbar

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