New fries’ specials by Frites Atelier upcoming season


  • Limited editions fries at Frites AtelierLimited edition fries at Frites Atelier
  • Chili con queso at Frites AtelierChili con queso at Frites Atelier
  • Kimchi, truffle & cheese at Frites AtelierKimchi, truffle & cheese at Frites Atelier

Twice a year Sergio Herman introduces new fries’ specials for Frites Atelier. Although temperatures are still peaking, he is already looking ahead to Autumn and Winter. Sergio has been inspired for their new specials by worldly flavours to warm you up during the colder months.

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This time his flavours take you to warm, atmospheric Mexico and busy Korea. Starting this week, the frites studio presents the new fries’ specials: ‘chili con queso’ and the ‘kimchi, truffle & cheese’.

We previously wrote about the Frites Atelier’s Spring Summer ’22 collection. We were surprised with menu items such as the fries ‘Sea Nori’ the ‘Arabic Baba & Feta’ and the popular flavor combination ‘Parmesan & Basil’ also returned to the menu. We will definitely visit one of the branches soon to taste these new combinations!

Chili Con Queso

The best of Mexico and the low countries together in one bowl! Those who love the typical and robust flavours of this delicious vacation country will enthusiastically appreciate their Chili Con Queso Frites special. Sergio’s slightly spicy Chili Con Carne combined with their triple fried French fries topped with a running and creamy cheese sauce is refreshed by the homemade Jalapeño mayonnaise and will make you dream of the Mexican sun!

Kimchi, truffle & cheese

Sergio really wanted to work with the bite and sweet and sour spicy flavour of their homemade kimchi. After that, a surprising combination with the full flavour of the truffle mayonnaise and the creamy cheese sauce was devised. The balance of these surprising contrasts creates a perfect balance. Warm up to this delicious French fry special with worldly flavours during the colder months.

Website: Frites Atelier.

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