FrietHoes ‘dishes out’ new service ware


  • Joost Swarte x FrietHoesJoost Swarte x FrietHoes
  • Joost Swarte x FrietHoesJoost Swarte x FrietHoes

For over 10 years, FrietHoes has been preaching the fresh fries revolution: honest and delicious fries without processing, additives or other frills, but with skin. FrietHoes fries are now on the menu nationwide in numerous restaurants, the better chip shops and are also widely present with food trucks at festivals. From now on, FrietHoes will literally ‘dish out’ a new way for serving fries with the presentation of its very own dish. This enamel serving dish, which shows FrietHoes at its best, features a series of specially made illustrations by Haarlem cartoonist Joost Swarte. The illustrations tell the story from potato to fries in an original way. The launch of the dish is the continuation of a year-long collaboration between Joost Swarte and FrietHoes.

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Own dish with a unique story for FrietHoes

For years, FrietHoes has proven that you can also enjoy delicious and honest fries on a large(r) scale. The company works closely with Dutch farmers and pay them a fair price for the best potatoes. From their traditional Chip factory, the chefs put all their passion and energy into making the most honest fries, which do not require to spend hours in the kitchen. Logically, FrietHoes would like to see their fries play a leading role on the menu, instead of a supporting role. And that includes their own dish, with a unique story.

 Joost Swarte x FrietHoes

Joost Swarte has been associated with the company since 2009, when founder Joost Hoes asked him to design the logo. His design for this dish tells the honest story from potato to fries. The illustrations depict, in a playful way, the process from farmer to plate. Harvesting the Agria potato from the Dutch clay soil, selecting and washing the potatoes, cutting and pre-frying them for the catering industry, chip shops and retail and finally enjoying the delicious FrietHoes fries.

Collectors’ item for the catering industry and consumers

Because the fact that the dish is made of enamel, it has a trendy yet cosy look. At the same time, it is also practical: unbreakable, hygienic and durable. As far as the company is concerned, it is the new way of serving fries. The catering entrepreneurs affiliated with FrietHoes have been looking forward to the arrival of this collector’s item for some time. These FrietHoes customers receive the first 10 dishes as a gift. Of course, the dish is also available to consumers in the FrietHoes webshop.

“Everyone who sees and uses the dish is very enthusiastic. It fulfils the promise that you won’t be served ordinary fries but a special kind of fries. Especially tasty and with a good story. Our goal is to give FrietHoes national exposure and set the new standard with our fries: perfectly served with a creative twist.” said Marcel Joosten, director of the company.

FrietHoes #friesocial & Schillen Blond beer

Their previously reaped success with their #frietjesociaal (free fries for people who deserved a little extra) and processing their potato peelings into Vodka and Schillen Blond beer in collaboration with brewery Jopen. The growing embrace of this brand is also reflected in the growth figures. Dutch fry lovers love the Haarlem-based company which, despite this growth, remains very down-to-earth. Their mission: to become the Van Dobben of fries, with a Tony Chocolony sauce.

Website: FrietHoes

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