Frietboutique wins the ‘Dutch Loaded Fries Championship’ with ‘Fries from the future’


  • 'Fries from the Future' by Frietboutique'Fries from the Future' by Frietboutique
  • NK Loaded Fries won by FrietboutiqueNK Loaded Fries won by Frietboutique
  • NK Loaded Fries won by FrietboutiqueNK Loaded Fries won by Frietboutique

Fries from the future, is the name of the winning fries made by the Frietboutique during the Dutch Loaded Fries Championship. A classic Dutch ‘sour meat fries’ turned vegan: the meat does not come from a cow, but from a 3D printer. Served on homemade fresh fries, topped with vegan mayonnaise, pickled onions, parsley and you get ‘high-level innovative plant based streetfood’ according to the jury of the ‘Dutch Loaded Fries Championship’.

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Vegan bavette From Redefine Meat as base for the ‘Fries of the Future’ from Frietboutique

The tasteful creation was invented with the help of the chefs from Ron Blaauw. They hinted to the Frietboutique about the vegan bavette from Redefine Meat. This bavette is marinated for 24 hours and stewed for 2 hours, before it becomes the winning topping of the loaded fries. Vera Stouten from Frietboutique Hillergersberg about the win: “It’s unbelievable that we won. With so many other strong contenders, we weren’t counting on it. But the jury understood our concept and was praiseful about the taste. We can’t wait to let the rest of the Netherlands taste our fries.”

Fries with vegan meat of the future

The classical fries with sour meat is still extremely popular in the Netherlands. That’s why the team of Frietboutique and Jeroen Oosterveen, chef at Ron Blaauw, decided to bring two worlds together in their Fries from the future. They bring the authentic taste of stewed meat with fresh fries, but they do so in a future proof way and completely vegan. “When we first worked with the vegan bavette from Redefine Meat, we were immediately impressed by the quality and taste of the 3D printed ‘meat’. As far as we are concerned, this is the future, therefore is also the most logical choice to use this innovative product for our loaded fries.” Says Vera Stouten. The ‘Fries from the Future’ can be ordered as of Thursday the 19th of January at all the locations of the Frietboutique.

About Frietboutique

With three locations on the Witte de With, the Bergse Dorpstraat in Rotterdam and the Johannes Verhulststraat in Amsterdam, the Frietboutique is a household name in those cities. The fries of the Frietboutique are hand cut from sustainable Agria potatoes from Dutch soil. The potatoes are purchased directly from the farmer before they are cleaned, sliced and fried in 100% vegetable oil for the best result. The fries are also supplied to various hospitality establishments throughout the country.

Website: Frietboutique

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