Free tampons and naps in the bathroom | Women love it!


  • Free tampons & naps in the bathroom, women love itFree tampons & naps in the bathroom, women love it
  • Free tampons & naps in the bathroom, women love itFree tampons & naps in the bathroom, women love it

Demi Poppe blogs about her experience with extra amenities, such as free tampons and naps in bathrooms. She and her friends greatly appreciated this welcoming gesture.

I regularly visit restaurants, cafés and bars with friends, either for lunch, dinner or just a nice cup of coffee. I recently visited Grandcafé ‘t Gerecht in Heerenveen (The Netherlands). One of my friends had to go to the toilet and she came back with a big smile! She said that there were free tampons and naps in the bathroom. So handy!

Every woman appreciates free tampons and naps in the bathroom

Less than a week later I did read an article on EATER in which the journalist Naomi Tomky also extensively writes about how greatly women appreciate free menstrual products in bathrooms in the hospitality industry. She also indicates that it still feels a bit ‘uncomfortable’, to go to the toilet with your bag or fiddle a tampon in your pocket before you go that way. She writes about a glass jar with sanitary naps and tampons in the restaurant ‘El Jardin’ of owner Claudette Zepeda-Wilkins and also in restaurant ‘Homer’ in Seattle by Sarah Cox. Like my friends and me, she loves this top service! By the way, I heard that there are also restaurants that have perfume bottles on the ladies’ room, is this the case in your restaurant? Let me know, my friends and I love it! And if you’re having other examples, let us know, we love to write about it!

Amenities women really appreciate

I searched for some examples of special amenities within hotels and restaurants. What I really like is that guests of the hotel Eaton Workshop in Washington DC will find a list in their hotel room at which they can indicate which extra amenities they want to have in their bathroom (for example, razor blades). Other great examples of free amenities can be found in a small article from 2015, I really love one of the subscribed welcoming gestures! The Andaz hotel in San Diego has a bowl at the reception with bags of sunscreen with a high protection factor. And what I also love; amenities like make-up remover!

There are amenities that have to be in a hotel bathroom, but you will rarely encounter amenities like subscribed above in the ladies room. So you’re pleasantly surprised if you come across a gesture like this! You might be making one of your female guests very happy and all the others will appreciate the gesture. And we will most certainly talk about it, even outside your restaurant. I am sure that this welcoming gesture will generate positive word-of-mouth advertising!

Website: Grandcafé ´t Gerecht in Heerenveen

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