Free croquettes on FEBO’s birthday


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FEBO turned 75 years today and therefore decided to give away 75.000 free croquettes. And as FEBO wants their snacks to be accessible for everyone, a temporary location opened today on one of the canals in Amsterdam. Croquette lovers can pick up a ‘partycroquette’ today at both the Drive In as the various locations of the company.

FEBO Drive In

The opening of the driving FEBO wall is in honour of the 75th anniversary of the company. Snacks has to be accessible for everyone, even while you are on the water. Dennis de Borst, CEO of FEBO: “Our products are available for (almost) everyone with this temporary FEBO location on the water”

Meanwhile hundreds of people already ate one of their free croquettes today (check out this video). Fancy a croquette as well? The Drive In will stay at the Prinsengracht the entire day!

Website: FEBO

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