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In the last few months, we’ve seen entire countries pausing day-to-day activities, shops and stores closing down and millions of people forced to work from home. But as infection rates in some countries slow down, people are starting to ask ‘how can we return to business?’. The question facing many hospitality businesses as they transition to the re-opening phase is how they can provide socially distanced services, in line with guidance from the World Health Organization (WHO) and local and national governments, who are tasked with keeping us safe.

A guest blog by Georgie Peru, a Content Contributor for UKWebHostReview. She is passionate about sharing her enthusiasm for technology through her content writing work, with a mission to help others learn and understand what makes the digital world so successful. She shows us four of the best apps that can be helpful to create socially distanced services in hospitality.

Socially distanced services by Georgie Peru for UKWebHostReview

Thankfully, while we’ve all been binging Netflix series from our sofas, some enterprising folks have been working on innovative new technologies that will help us get back to work. Businesses now have a wide choice of helpful apps that makes opening their doors to guests and customers a reality once again. Let’s take a look at four of the best.


Not every hotel has the cash or capacity to update their website and inhouse tech to provide smartphone-based guest services. Luckily, Criton offers an affordable solution that allows any hotel to do just that. Criton is a guest engagement platform will help you create a seamless yet contact-free experience, for your guests who will be able to sign a digital guestbook, book spa treatments, access WiFi information, view your restaurant menu, and do a whole lot more all from their smartphone. The app reduces the need for contact between your staff and your guests, with all of the above plus in-app messaging, ordering, payments and push notifications. is a guest experience app that helps attractions like theme parks and Zoos offer socially distanced services. With it, guests can plan their visit, view opening times, purchase tickets, and view tickets via the mobile wallet. This reduces or removes the need for staffed tickets booths at park entrances, thereby supporting social distancing measures. Business owners can use the app to offer up-to-date attraction and event information in a time when guidelines are always changing. Plus, they can better manage their sites day-to-day by easily viewing queue estimations and visitor numbers.


Wi-Q is a mobile ordering system for restaurants. The app can be completely tailored to each restaurant’s brand and integrate with existing EPOS systems and websites. Customers can safely browse menus, order food, and pay for their bill – all without the need to physically interact with staff, queue in an indoor environment or wait for someone to come and serve them. Not only does this keep customers safe, but it also gives staff the extra time they need to keep up with enhanced cleaning regimes. Wi-Q is fully customizable, meaning you can offer a complete branded experience and include important information like allergy menus, payment options, and the option to split the bill.

Wavetec Safe-Q

Wavetec Safe-Q is a virtual queuing solution that helps businesses manage customer flow and maintain socially distanced queues. Virtual queuing provides a safe environment for businesses and customers – allowing customers and business owners to keep tabs on people’s place in the queue, as well as manage appointments and ticketing. All without the need for people to be physically outside a business’s door. Safe-Q’s has a simple dashboard which shows important information like how many customers are waiting, the current capacity and more. Staff can set the capacity of different queues, check customers in and out, or open and close queues from the app’s simple dashboard. Plus, your customers benefit by being able to arrange appointments through the app, while waiting at a safe distance, or in a safe environment like their car.


While you work to re-open your doors, it’s essential that you provide a safe environment for your staff and customers. Under current guidelines, the best way to do so is to offer socially distanced services. Lockdown has put pressure on a lot of people and businesses. But it’s also sparked a lot of creativity in the world of hospitality apps. You can now make use of a wide range of innovative aps from virtual queuing apps, to table service apps, guest experience apps, and lots more. Each will all help provide a positive, seamless and safe experience in changing times. So, whether you run a theme park, hotel, restaurant, or spa, there are apps out there that will help you find and thrive on the new normal.

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