Foodini | A 3D food printer with cartridges you can fill with your own ingredients


  • The Foodini by Natural Machines
  • The Foodini by Natural Machines
  • The Foodini by Natural Machines in kitchen plating chocolate spiral
  • Foodini Stainless Steel Food Capsules
  • Chocolate Pac-Man maze printed by Foodini by Natural Machine

Natural Machines recently launched their first 3D food printer and they do not only aim to infiltrate into professional kitchens with their brand-new product. Natural Machines is the first manufacturer to give people access to a compact 3D food printer at home. They want to see it become just another appliance like a microwave or toaster on your kitchen counter. Foodini – great name for a food printing device by the way – does not make use of ordinary food cartridges like most food printers on the market, instead users can fill the 5 containers with fresh ingredients of their choice.

About Foodini

According to Emilio Sepúlveda co-founder of Natural Machines, the premise of all 3D printers is that the user becomes the manufacturer. The same concept applies with Foodini. The biggest difference between Foodini and other food printers is that Foodini comes with 5 stainless steel capsules where users can put in their desired filling or ‘ink’, from sweet to savory and from sauces to batter that still has to be baked. The possibilities are limitless; creations can be printed directly onto a plate or on a baking tray to be put in the oven after printing. The advantage of Foodini is that it now offers personalized food with alternative ingredients; new shapes, textures and aromas; and the possibility that the user can prepare fresh creations whenever they like, wherever they want. The Foodini starts at $4.000 USD and comes with a smartphone app with pre-loaded designs which can be updated with more designs or you can customize your own creations after which you can print it in just a few swipes. For more details, check their website.


check out an example of how you can use the Foodini: (the text will continue below the video)


About Natural Machines

It started in 2012 when one of the co-founders thought about how to cut out manufacturing and distribution costs that generally account for a significant part of the total cost for relatively small food producers like a bakery. Eventually the idea of a mini-manufacturing kitchen appliance was born. In 2014, Natural Machines raised the required start-up capital – partly via Kickstarter -, after which the production of the Foodini kitchen appliance could start. Within six years, restaurants, food service providers, food manufacturers, education and research institutes, nutrition and health companies and consumers in over 90 different countries have reached out, showed interest and asked about Foodini.


Website: Natural Machines

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