#foodiespinner | Cooking dinner with a fidget spinner


A funny article at Eater about the use of fidget spinners in the kitchen. Apparently it all started with chef Eric Ripert from restaurant Le Bernardin in New York who posted a tweet with a picture of a fidget spinner with the words ‘Confiscated’. Like at many schools it seems like the chefs at his kitchen aren’t allowed to ‘spin’ during work hours. But someone took up the challenge to proof him wrong! Instagram account ‘sleeping_with_the_chef’ placed the video above with the text: ‘Don’t confiscate elevate!’


Yesterday The Bingus uploaded the video above and with their post at Instagram photo essay documenting chef and photographer duo: Bryan + Jennifer Caswell (sleeping_with_the_chef) did challenge chefs. We think it’s a nice gadget and wonder what chefs can do with it. Knowing that Eric Ripert is one of the best chefs in the world (nr. 17 at the list of ‘The World’s 50 Best Restaurants’), he might pick up the challenge and create a new dish with a fidget spinner.

Chefs, why not following his example and create videos of your try outs at Instagram and don’t forget to use the hashtag #foodiespinner. Right now it’s only the video above!  

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