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In Seattle it is no longer allowed to throw food and food waste in the bin from 1 January onwards. Enforcement of the new rule will start from July, which implicates that each standard family bin that contains more than 10% recyclable and / or food waste will receive a $ 1,- fine on the next waste bill. Multi-family property owners with too much food waste in trash will get a $ 50, – fine after two warnings.

Recycling for companies

This system of warnings and fines applies to all companies. Before, there were only food recycling rules for catering establishments. Bins in (public) eateries used by consumers are excluded if there are sufficient alternatives to recycle food waste.

Waste target of Seattle

Seattle has set a target to recycle 60 percent of waste in 2015 and is putting effort in achieving this. In 2013 they achieved a recycling percentage of 56%, the city dumps 100,000 tons of food waste in landfills annually. With this new law, Seattle want to divert 38.000 tons of food waste from landfills into composting.

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