Five food festivals with one mission | To provide visitors with a fresh dose of knowledge about our food


On 9 and 10 September 2017 you can visit five food festivals in Brabant (the southern part of the Netherlands) and at each festival you can visit the VERS Academy to get a fresh dose of knowledge about our food. VERS Academy combines serious discussions about food and food production with culture, education, fun, entertainment and of course; good food. VERS Academy is a Brabant partnership that will lecture, debate or lead workshops at the five major cities of Brabant  simultaneously: Breda, ‘s-Hertogenbosch, Eindhoven, Helmond and Tilburg.

Get a fresh dose of knowledge about our food …

VERS Academy contributes to the stage and acts as the supplier of more knowledge on fresh, local and healthy food. Different researchers, scientists and specialists will share their fresh dose of knowledge about our food and will involve the public with lectures, debates, workshops, film and documentary performances. All done in an accessible way.

Five food festivals with a mission

Dutch Chili Fest in Eindhoven pays homage to the chili pepper. Cacao aan de Kade (Cacao on the quay) celebrates the chocolate cocoa past and present in Helmond. The Food & Design Festival in ‘s-Hertogenbosch explores the future of our food culture. At the Spoormarkt in Tilburg you eat what’s produced in the city and at the Fijnproevers & Smaakbarbaren festival (Gourmet lovers and taste barbarians) in Breda presents the homegrown guilty pleasures.

Five totally different food festivals and what do they have in common? Every festival presents a tailor-made VERS Academy program. In Breda, the VERS Academy is discussing the contradictions in our food. In Tilburg, top chefs are talking. In Eindhoven you learn how to cook with insects and about ecological home gardening, in Den Bosch the VERS Academy teaches you about the future of food and in Helmond you learn everything about fair trade. In addition, the festivals have a joint mission. Fresh and local has priority! Initiatives from Brabant will be centre stage and the festivals will be produced open source and as sustainable as possible.

Website: Vers Brabant

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