Fitness beer, grab a beer without feeling guilty!


Supplemental Brewing specializes in making beer that not only tastes good, but is also healthy. On Kickstarter they launched a crowdfunding campaign to get their fitness beer, Brewtein and NutriBeer on the market in America.

Fitness beer?

Many athletes are busy with their physical health, but would also like to enjoy a beer, especially in the weekend. Supplemental Brewing wants to combine the two, and that’s how they got the idea to brew a fitness beer. This is done under the motto: ‘Workout meets your weekend’.

Brewtein and NutriBeer

Both beers are made specifically for consumers who want to enjoy a beer, after exercising, without feeling guilty. Yet both have their own taste and target audience.

Brewtein contains most proteins and is intended for athletes who specifically want to build muscle mass. It contains 7 grams of protein, which makes it a real fitness beer! However, the amount of protein doesn’t determine the taste, it’s a fairly light beer and it contains the refreshing taste of wheat. It should be served cold with a slice of lemon.

NutriBeer is a bit less strong and lower in carbohydrates and calories, which makes this beer perfect for those that work out a lot to stay slim and healthy. After an hour of heavy exercise in the gym, you can lay back on the couch with NutriBeer, without feeling guilty. This lager has a subtle lemon flavor and should be served ice cold!


Supplemental Brewing started a year ago and its founder, Blake Konrady is now trying to collect money through Kickstarter to bring his ‘Fitness Beer’ on the market. For those who support him through Kickstarter, he prepared all kind of merchandise, such as shirts, sweaters, bags, a beer bell (a dumbbell in which you can place your beer) and a number of other items. Today, 22 October, he still has eight days left to get his beer funded through crowdfunding and he still has to collect over 10,000 dollar.

Last year we also spotted ‘Lean Machine’, beer and sports drink at the same time.

Bron: Kickstarter

Website: Supplemental Brewing

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