First edition of the Gin & Rum Festival in the Netherlands


  • Gin & Rum festival
  • Gin & Rum festival
  • Gin & Rum festival

First edition of the Gin & Rum Festival at seven different locations throughout the Netherlands. Unlimited tasting of more than 100 different gin and rum brands. From the Piña Colada to the now indispensable Gin & Tonic. At the first edition of the Gin & Rum Festival everything revolves around these two distillates. Seven Dutch cities are taking part in the new festival this year and each location will be transformed into a true gin & rum paradise. Upon arrival, gourmets receive a full-fledged tasting glass with which they can taste more than 100 different types of gin and rum unlimited at the stands of well-known and emerging new brands. In addition to these tastings, visitors gain knowledge during substantive workshops, make their own cocktails and dance on fine tunes in the silent disco. Smell, taste and enjoy while being inspired by the stories of passionate distillers and bartenders.

This festival makes it possible to try the tastiest gins and rums with your friends at various unique locations in the Netherlands. Do not miss it!

Gin & Rum line-up

Gin is more popular than ever and rum is on the rise. This was, according to co-organizer of the Gin & Rum Festival, Rick van Bezooijen, reason enough to ‘mix’ the spirits this year in the line-up of the drink festival: ” With our festival we are now – in addition to the gin drinker – new, ever-growing target group: the rum drinker. Rum owes its rise in popularity to its versatility; think of the mix, in cocktails or just a glass of pure rum with an ice cube. We notice that the story behind gin and rum is becoming increasingly important. For that reason, there are special local and niche brands present at our festivals that are both a feast for the mouth and an eye. ”

Like a virgin mojito

As the name suggests, you come to the Gin & Rum festival for the main characters: gin and rum. Of course there is also thought of the “Bob” and the visitors who prefer to experience this day without alcohol. There is a choice of various virgin cocktails, cocktail boards and street food. Enough of the distillate dictionary? You can go for a dance in the silent disco where the danceable tunes sound through the headphones. The regular tickets are available online for 26 euros including booking costs.

Special locations for the Gin & Rum Festival

The first edition of the Gin & Rum Festival this year will take place at seven different locations in the Netherlands. The kick-off is on Saturday, March 21 in Scheltema Leiden. This is followed by the Koepelgevangenis in Breda (28 March), the Grote Kerk in The Hague (18 April), Klokgebouw Eindhoven (9 May), the Werkspoor Cathedral in Utrecht (6 June), the Cruise Terminal Rotterdam (4 July) and der Aa Church of Groningen (26 September). Each location has an authentic character and is conveniently located in the city,

Website: Gin & rum festival

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