Bierboutique Rotterdam | First beer boutique in the Netherlands


Especially for those special beer lovers who live in or near Rotterdam, the first beer boutique in the Netherlands will open its doors early February. A joint with the look of a boutique resambling the time of The Great Gatsby. A great place to relax and enjoy a special beer. Naturally, the old familiar lager remains on the beer menu.

Beer Boutique Rotterdam

The Beer Boutique will open its doors at the famous Witte de With street in Rotterdam center. Special beers lovers will be able to try many special beers in a warm and rich environment. Golden walls, velvet chairs, black and white tiles and a dark green bar surrounded with high round black barstools. The dark green back bar with glass cabinets is a real eye catcher. The tasty snacks served on platters breathe the Burgundian atmosphere and make the guest long for a beer. From Thursday to Sunday you can have lunch or dinner at the Beer Boutique, the other days they offer small snacks.

Beer also for women

Despite the fact that more and more women nowadays drink beers (especially special ones), they are not always happy with an old-fashioned pub. That’s why the Beer Boutique is created. A place where both men and women with their friends or dates can drink a beer, in style.


For anyone who does not like beer, there are plenty of other options in the Beer Boutique. Include gin tonics and other alcoholic beverages on the menu. The menu also has an extensive wine and soft drinks menu.

Website: Bierboutique Rotterdam

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