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Paying with your fingertip? It’s possible at Proud Camden, a London based bar. Customers are able to pay their drinks here with Fingopay. This technology links your finger veins with your debit or credit card. Payments can be done both quicker and easier. It’s not only a unique and safe way of paying, you’ll don’t have to worry if you left your wallet at home!

Pay with your fingertip

Visitors at the bar Proud Camden can only pay with their fingertip after they registered themselves with their bank card details. Once the registration is complete, customers can pay with their fingerprints at the scanner. The result: shorter waiting lines at the bar and if one of the guests needs a receipt, the system will email it directly to an e-address.

More important is that the system is extremely safe as all our fingerprints are unique. The chances of you sharing the same fingerprint with someone else is 3.4 billion to one. It’s seems to be impossible that someone else in the world pays a beer with your debitcard.

Although Fingopay is now tested at Proud Camden’s, the plans are to use the system in other industries as well. Examples are supermarkets, cinemas and festivals. Barclays Bank has used Fingopay for their commercial clients’ transactions. Also, McDonald’s and Co-op establishments are awaiting trials of the fingertip payment system. In the last couple of years, more and more payment systems have been introduced. From wireless payment systems to mobile payments to paying with your smartwatch. Paying with your fingerprint is the next step.

Bron: Sky News

Website: Fingopay

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