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Last week we’ve visited the rewarded Michelin star chef François Geurds** because of the launch of the FG Out of the Box Experience and the recently opened FG Shop. The store is part of the former Hofplein station at the end of the new ‘Luchtsingel’, a pedestrian bridge that connects several creative parts of Rotterdam.

The shop

The restaurants and stores in this area breathe an industrial, raw but luxurious atmosphere and so does the FG Shop. The chef has selected several products and ingredients he likes to work with and he chose some really special mouthwatering products.


By offering lunchboxes in the shop, the connection between the FG Shop and neighboring FG Food Lab is more intensified. The lunchboxes consist out of ingredients for a one, two or three course lunch including fish or meat and a coffee/tea. Add ingredients from the shop to the box and the kitchen team will improvise a special lunch. The lunchboxes are available from Thursday to Monday from € 42,50 per two persons.


Have a peek at the special cheese display in the back of the shop. Here the family owned ‘Fromagerie Guillaume’ has a collection of specialty cheeses that cannot be ignored.

Website: FGshop

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