FG OKONOMIYAKI BAR | Japanese pancake bar in Rotterdam


Soon FG Okonomiyaki Bar will be opened in the Japanese style Denoism store, at the Katshoek 19 in Rotterdam (Hofbogen). They are going to serve Okonomiyaki, which means free translated ‘baked or grilled as you like it’. Unlike the Dutch pancake, the okonomiyaki isn’t based on milk but on seaweed stock. You can fill the pancake with a choice of toppings such as cod, pork belly, tuna, homemade ketchup and bonito flakes. For 5 euros each, you can take away a mini-ekonomiyaki’s.

Okonomiyaki | Japanese pancakes

In Japan they can’t do without their okonomiyaki. Dutchies have lunch with a sandwich of croquettes, Japanese with okonomiyaki, for a real long time already. François Geurds agrees with the Japanese choice. The okonomiyaki wins on all fronts: healthier, nutritious, varied but above all so much more delicious.

Okonomiyaki reads phonetically as an economy. Whoever thinks economically knows that you can have a very good lunch at FG Okonomiyaki Bar for an excellent price.

For sweets, FG Okonomiyaki Bar serves daily changing cakes from its own oven. Like a Japanese bar, they serve (sparkling) sake and Japanese tea. Do you prefer a good glass of wine, or a non-alcoholic cocktail – it’s all there.

In Rotterdam, FG Okonomiyaki Bar is the first of its kind. Nowhere in the surroundings is anybody specialized in okonomiyaki. FG Okonomiyaki Bar is located in Denoism, a shop in Japanese style, they sell the most beautiful denim and leather jackets, aprons, kimono’s, shoes and bags available in the Netherlands.

Website: FG Okonomiyaki Bar

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