Festival DORST


Food Truck Festival TREK (hungry) is getting a little sister this summer, Festival DORST (thirsty). And why not? Festival TREK had about 260.000 visitors last year and was a great success. While festival TREK is mainly about food trucks, at little sister DORST it will be all about drinks. Discovering craft beers and good wines!

Festival DORST

Visitors of the festival can enjoy more than 70 different kinds of wine and over 70 kinds of craft beers from all over the world, all with their own character and taste. This doesn’t mean that there won’t be any good food. Food trucks will prepare different kinds of dishes that visitors can combine with wine or beer. Besides that, there is also live music, DJ’s and creative entertainment.

Emile Faulborn, organiser of Food Truck Festival TREK and Festival DORST: “At Food Truck Festival TREK we noticed there was a huge demand for special wines and beers. With Festival DORST we want to focus on that. The festival will be about discovering (inter)national brewed craft beers, all with their own taste and story. We want the visitors to taste, to learn, to experience but most of all to enjoy!”

This first year the festival will visit three public parks. From the 27th up to and included the 29th of May in The Hague, the 26th up and included the 28th of August in ’s-Hertogenbosch and the final one will be in Utrecht from the 2nd up to and included the 4th of September. The entrance fee for children under 12 years old is €2,50. Children of 12 years and older is € 5,-. Glasses are included. Tickets are available at www.festival-dorst.nl or at the entrance of the festival grounds.

Festival TREK

Food Truck Festival TREK is a festival where several mobile kitchens turn a public park into a big open air restaurant with lots of live music, theatre and acts. In 2015 about 260.000 people visited festival TREK. There are nine TREK festivals planned this year.


Website: Festival DORST

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