Fazer Cricket Bread | Finnish bakery launches ‘crunchy’ insect bread


Since the 24th of November you can buy cricket bread in Finland. One of Finland’s largest food companies, Fazer is selling this crunchy cricket bread. According to Markus Hellstrom, head of the Fazer group’s bakery division, one loaf of bread contains about 70 dried crickets. The crickets are grounded into powder and added to the flour.

Fazer Cricket Bread

The crickets represent three per cent of the bread’s weight. According to Hellstrom the Finnish people are known to be willing to try new things and according to a survey (on behalf of Fazer) the main criteria for bread are, ‘good taste and freshness’. It’s common knowledge that we love food with a crunch and with the admission of the crickets the dough get a bit more crunchy and it must have even improved the taste. So tasteful and nutritious. The Fazer Sirkkaleipa (finish for Fazer cricket bread) is a source for protein and the insects do also contain good fatty acids, calcium, iron and vitamin B12.

Fazer Cricket Bread | Available at…

The first batch of cricket breads will be sold in major Finnish cities from Friday. Fazer also sells Root Vegetable Bread and Fazer Seed Bread, where one third of the flour was replaced by vegetables and seeds. The UN’s Food and Agricultural Organization has been promoting insects as a source of human food. With the shortage of food sources, the insects are healthy and high in protein and minerals. The Finnish legislation does allow the sale of insects as food since November of this year. The crickets are raised in the Netherlands according to this video. So we wonder when we will be able to buy cricket bread.

Bron: Fazer Group

Website: Fazer Group

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