Facilicom Group launches new F&B division for employers


  • Food&iFood&i app
  • Food&iFood&i app

Facilicom Group, one of the largest facility services organizations in the Netherlands, launches their new F&B division today: Food&i. With Food&i, the Facilicom Group is stepping off of the beaten track of the catering market. Food&i offers employers various F&B services such as a restaurant, coffee bar and Foodwall at the office in combination with an app. Through this app, employees receive personal nutritional advice every day to make a conscious and healthy choice at the office.

Food&i is an innovative, healthy and sustainable catering concept that uses technology and personalization to reduce waste. They develop food where, when and how the employee and the employer want it, so that everyone will feel better and more productive. Food&i provides transparency in the food chain and reduces CO2 emissions by working with as many local parties as possible.

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Food&i app | Different concepts

Food&i offers employers F&B services in combination with the Food&i app. An employer can choose to purchase its food at a restaurant (including a kitchen at location), a Foodwall or a Grab & Go machine at the office. The use of a shared kitchen is also an option so that offices without their own kitchen can also use Food&i’s F&B services.

Personal nutrition advice

Employees receive personal nutritional advice every day through the Food&i app. This advice is based on the personal preferences of the various employees: low in calories, high in fiber or, for example, the right diet for running a marathon. The chosen meals and snacks can be picked up in the office restaurant, which is facilitated by Food&i. If the office also uses a Foodwall or Grab & Go machine, the employee can pick up his meal or snack at any time of the day.

Website: Facilicom Group

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