Ekomenu launches a new, high protein ‘Recovery meal box’


  • Ekomenu launches a recovery meal box
  • Ekomenu launches a recovery meal box
  • A recovery meal box by Ekomenu and Frank Fol
  • Ekomenu launches a recovery meal box
  • Ekomenu launches a recovery meal box

Disclaimer: this article is more interesting for Dutchies and those living in Belgium

During a health crisis it is of key importance to use the healing properties of food. That is why Ekomenu is launching a ‘Recovery meal box’ on the 22nd of July: a healthy, high protein and 100% biological meal box which gives the immune system a boost. The recipes are created by culinary chef Frank Fol, otherwise known as ‘de Groentekok®’, one of the driving forces behind Ekomenu. An international scientific study showcased that during the Covid-19 crisis people focused even more on healthy eating and bought a lot more fruits and vegetables.

Interesting development in the area of meal boxes! Can a restaurant also follow this concept of healthy meal boxes to restore the body? It could definitely be an option if you are still delivering boxes.

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Helping your body to recover with the Recovery meal box

The high protein meals that Ekomenu are adding to their existing offer with the ‘Recovery meal box’ breaks the vicious circle where fatigue leads to a lower immune response – and the other way around. By eating enough protein, you can increase the speed of you recovery. That is why you will find nuts, beans, citrus fruits, broccoli, spinach, mushrooms, sweet potato and whole grain products in this meal box. Al recipes in the meal box are custom made by Frank Fol, ‘De Groentekok®’, one of the driving forces behind Ekomenu. Ekomenu wants to highlight the importance of plant-based foods even more with the Repair meal box.

Eating healthy and sustainable during the pandemic

During de Covid crisis in 2020 Ekomenu saw a 20% increase in the sales of their healthy and biological meal boxes. The Corona Cooking Survey, an international scientific study into the eating habits during the covid crisis in Belgium and 24 other countries, showcases that people ate healthier during the various lockdowns and bought a lot more fruits and vegetables.

The company is the only one on in the Benelux who has meal boxes that has only biological food. Customers can choose between fourteen different healthy meal boxes, so there is an option for each way of living and they have the option for a flexible membership. All boxes contain meals with a lot of vegetables, fruit and whole grain products with low amounts of salt. One out of the two Ekomenu customers even chooses for a complete vegetarian or vegan meal box.

Ekomenu has been chosen by B Lab, an international non-profit organisation in sustainable economics, as the most sustainable meal box in the Benelux. Their meal boxes include local products from Belgium and the Netherlands that have plastic-free, biodegradable packaging that are delivered by bike. This way the customer reduces waste and CO2 levels with 30%.

You can order you healthy meal box on their website and obtain inspiration on a healthy lifestyle op the website ‘voel je lekker’.

About Ekomenu

Ekomenu helps you to eat healthier by using biological and fresh ingredients. These ingredients come from Belgium and the Netherlands, and Ekomenu is active in Flanders, Brussels and the Netherlands. They also work with a lot of sustainable partners and are ambassadors of Lekker van bij Ons.

Website: Ekomenu

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