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On the Facebook page of Futurism Food we spotted a video of an ‘edible spoon’ that is sold in India. You can buy it in a sweet, savoury and neutral taste. We wrote about similar products in 2010 and 2013, but it seems that the edible spoon is going mainstream now. The producer Bakeys is busy with a line of edible cutlery; chopsticks and forks are already created.

Why won’t we start using this edible cutlery outside India as well? As replacement of all the plastic cutlery in the fast food industry? The only problem is that they haven’t created a knife model yet but hey, plastic knives are a drama as well…

Edible cutlery

The founder of Bakeys, Narayana Peesapaty, kept a TEDx Talk about his idea for the edible cutlery, you can watch this video here. In 2010, we spotted the Japanese artist Shin Azumi who created sweet (chocolate coated) edible coffee and dessert spoons. These were designed for the ‘Pappilan Exhibition’ at the free university of Bolzano in Italy in collaboration with Tomoko Azumi. Those spoons are getting more and more mainstream nowadays. In 2013 we came across an edible spoon in shape and consistency like the design of Bakeys. Besides edible cutlery the development of the edible coffee cups is progressing as well. In 2014, Dominique Ansel created his famous Milk & Cookie shots and in 2015 we spotted the Scoffee Cup at KFC. This model shows up on the social media once in a while at other companies as well. Both, but especially the edible cutlery are sustainable alternatives that can help reduce the plastic soup in our oceans.

Bron: Futurism Food

Website: Bakey's

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