Edible Cinema | Food as extra experience during the movies


During the events of ‘Edible Cinema’ guests get a package of food before the movie starts. The small dishes in the package are numbered and you are not allowed to eat them until the numbers correspond with the numbers shown in the movie. This way, aroma, texture and taste create a more unique experience during certain scenes within the movie.

Edible Cinema

After 3D cinema, rooftop- and hot tub cinema’s this is an extra experience if you go to the movies. We wrote about Electric Cinema in Notting Hill London in 2012, at that time similar events took place at this theatre. Nowadays the events of Edible Cinema are being held in other cinema’s as well. An unique way to experience a movie: through aroma, texture and taste. A scene involving the sea would probably have a matching dish with a salty and smoky overtone.

As to the choice of movie: no limits, this could be any movie. The Edible Cinema experience crosses all genres. From Japanese animation movies to sci-fi fantasy, everything is possible during the ‘edible cinema’ nights. According to the website, the movie ‘Hangman Re-Hanged’ will be shown on the screen on the 27th of May. For a price of 35 pounds you will get eight canape-sized snacks and a welcome drink. We wonder which snacks are being served during this movie! 😉

Website: Edible Cinema

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