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  • GINKGO in Marseille at écotable
  • le café des Images in Herouville Saint Clair sur écotable
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  • Rija La Mirande in Avignon at écotable
  • Rija Le Panier De Sebastien in Marseille at écotable

For those longing to travel to France this summer, there is a new online platform which identifies, rates and promotes sustainable restaurants in France; Écotable. With the motto: ‘Bien dans mon assiette, bien sur ma planète’ is Écotable a new guide for those who value a more sustainable way of dining out. The French startup, founded back in January 2019, is the platform to check if you want to dine out as sustainable if possible!

De Groene Ster (the green star) is a Dutch foundation comparable to Ecotable. By awarding ‘green stars’, the initiators hope to encourage the hospitality industry to make their business processes more sustainable, economically, ecologically and socially. This is not only beneficial for the industry itself, but as well for the Dutch who are looking for the most sustainable restaurant options in the region.

What is an address Écotable? How are the addresses labelled?

The labelled restaurants meet at least certain conditions. They sort out elective, ban eggs from caged hens, at least 15% of their products are from an organic or local source and their menu is 100% seasonal based and the menu must at least show one vegetarian dish. From restaurants, caterers, table d’hôtes till gourmet restaurants in hotels, the label Écotable identifies and promotes addresses with these eco-responsible practices. The label has a double ambition: to allow the French and their tourists to choose restaurants based on ecological criteria and support restaurateurs in their ecological transition.

One, two or three macarons Écotable

Écotable has been qualified as the ‘Michelin for sustainable dining out’ from its launch. Their eco-responsibility levels are indicated with macarons. The restaurant can earn one, two or three macarons. In order to measure the ecological coherence of a restaurant, the Écotable team reviews a month of bills. This helps to understand its policies supply, recycling, waste, energy suppliers, communication, menu, maintenance and health commitment. The evaluation of these eight criteria give rise to the award of one, two or three Ecotable macarons.

For Fanny Giansetto, Camille Delamar and Rodney Paul, the founders of the label, the ecological approach of a restaurant does not stop at the composition of his plates. This is why Écotable makes it a point of honor to assess overall ecological consistency of each address. The consumption of water and energy, the choice of organic, sorting and recycling of waste, valuation of unsold products and even communication come into play. The Écotable team puts into words and images the commitment of restaurateurs. For each labelled restaurant, a report is produced to shed light on the kitchen of the restaurant and the practices. The ecotable.fr site traces the values and projects of women and men behind these eco-friendly restaurants. All to accomplice that visitors can quickly identify the priority areas of engagement that particular restaurant, they use assigned badges: Vg (vegetarian), Vgn (Vegan), Bio (organic products), Flex (flexitarian menu), Wb (organic conversions in progress), L (locavore), Z (Zero-waste), Tf (Tupperware friendly), O (Ocean friendly).

Where are the Écotable restaurants located?

Écotable has more than forty restaurants in Île-de-France and around thirty in the region. Some addresses in Paris: Anona, FIEF (3 macarons), Désirée, Tannat, la Table du RECHO (3 macarons), Imago, Greenhouse, Yuman, Sol Semilla, Resources, Flying Pots, Colorova, La Maison Bleue, Chez Foucher Mother & Daughter, Nomikai, The Fauves, Good Tied and Well Raised etc.

Some addresses in the regions: Rest’O Bio (3 macarons in Nantes),  Primesautier (3 macarons in Nantes), Ginkgo (3 macarons, Marseille), Toya (Faulquemont), Le Pain & la rose (Toulouse), Des Cotés Cafés (La Ciotat), Le Réfectoire (Arles), La Fontaine aux Bretons (Pornic), La Place (Puyloubier), Hygge (Avignon), Club Dinette (Cherbourg), Avec Amour (Terville), Restaurant Café des images (Hérouville St Clair), Madamann (Lyon).



Website: Écotable

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