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From the 20th of September, Utrecht will be the centre of Dutch Film Industry, during the ‘Nederlands Film Festival’. Restaurant STAN & CO, located in Utrecht, launched its own opening night at the 20th of September. They have created a special film menu which is offered during this Film Festival. The menu includes a ‘Golden Calf’ (the Dutch equivalent of the Oscar) as one of the main courses. Besides that, they’ve designed 3 cocktails which are linked with the movie industry: ‘Popcornstar Martini’, ‘Soldaat van Oranje’ (from the movie ‘Soldier of Orange’) and ‘Gooische vrouwen’ (a Dutch comedy/drama along the line of ‘Desperate Housewives’ or ‘Sex and the City’). When showing a movie ticket, guests will get two cocktails for the price of one.

About STAN & CO

Bar-restaurant STAN & CO started in 2013 in Utrecht. It’s a classical and popular hotspot with its own touch. With the industrial interior, the restaurant invites people to enjoy food and drinks during the whole day.

Dishes from the Josper Grill

STAN & CO has an open kitchen where many dishes are prepared on the Josper Grill. This charcoal grill is creating an original taste, smell and texture without losing the authentic elements of the products. STAN & CO is a well-known restaurant among steak lovers, but vegetarians have enough options to enjoy a dinner at this establishment as well.


Bron: STAN & CO

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