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EARTH Water, the fairest water producer in the Netherlands, is taking a pioneering step in the sustainability of product packaging. By adding the new plant-based cap, the packaging material of the 33cl cardboard packaging is now 100% reusable. According to founder Henk Witteveen, this new bottle is the replacement for all plastic bottles. He says: “Twelve years ago, EARTH was the first producer to use cardboard as packaging material for mineral water. Now we are continuing the same innovative line with this plant-based cap in collaboration with Tetra Pak. We already received a huge number of requests from many catering associations for an alternative to the plastic bottle.”

Scoop for the INK Hotel Amsterdam MGallery by Sofitel  

INK Hotel Amsterdam MGallery by Sofitel is the first hotel in the Netherlands using this new packaging. “The first reactions from our guests are positive. We often hear that it is a logical counterpart to the plastic bottle. As a company you are at the heart of society. Every choice you make has an impact on the environment. For this reason we continuously roll out initiatives that contribute to sustainable development and social responsibility. By working with this packaging, we opt for a sustainable variant and therefore also for lower CO2 emissions”, said Jolanda Sadni Ziane, General Manager of INK Hotel Amsterdam.

China is also going cardboard

There are also some hotels outside the Netherlands showing interest in the 33cl EARTH ‘bottle’. China is also showing great interest in this honest Dutch product. The entrepreneurs behind EARTH, Henk Witteveen and Patrick de Nekker, therefore, intend to actively serve this market in China. “In collaboration with Tetra Pak, a packaging machine has been installed at a water source near Tibet. This way it’s easier to deliver our water to hotels in China. The Peninsula in Beijing gets the scoop from us. Millions of packages will follow in 2019”, says Patrick De Nekker.

Website: EARTH Water 

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