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The Summer of 2014 was one of thriving food festivals. With several events focused on mobile kitchens and a lot of food trucks on smaller festivals throughout the country, the open air food offer grew tremendously. This was partly due to the efforts of The Food Line-Up, ‘Vleesch Noch Visch’ and ‘Rollende Keukens’.

Dutch food truck in Amsterdam

Recently an article on Dutch news website Nu.nl announced that the municipality of Amsterdam starts with giving out permits for food trucks on the streets of the city.
A great trigger to start a Dutch food truck special at Horecatrends.com and highlight some of the food trucks mentioned in the (Dutch) book ‘Reizende Sterren’ (Travelling Stars).

The food truck you see on this page is called Pastaiola and is owned by Jolanda Vrijenhoek. This truck offers Italian pasta and originated in the bicycle scene offering nutricious meals during sport events. Monica Abdoel write about it in the book ‘Reizende Sterren’, unfortunately it is only available in Dutch. If you want to show your (favorite) food truck at the website please write to tip@spronsen.com. If you’re interested in the Dutch food truck scene we can definitely recommend the annual ‘Rollende Keukens’ event in Amsterdam with over a hundred trucks on one location every May.

Bron: www.coolgreenevents.com

Website: www.pastaiola.nl

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