Dubbel Dubbel Toil and Trouble | #PumpkinRescue campaign after Halloween


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15 million pumpkins were carved but not eaten last Halloween – symbolic of a systemic food waste epidemic. Toast Ale, Hubbub and Brewdog Tower Hill Outpost want to change that. The 4th of November they brewed seasonal beer that tackles seasonal food waste as part of Hubbub’s annual #PumpkinRescue campaign.

Although Halloween isn’t that big yet in the Netherlands we have a lot of pumpkins as well. We already loved the idea of Toast Ale and their initiative for the pumpkin ale, Dubbel Dubbel Toil and Trouble, is another food waste initiative we love to write about!

#PumpkinRescue campaign after Halloween

Halloween has become Britain’s third largest commercial holiday, bringing with it a frightening food waste problem. Last year three in five pumpkins carved were not eaten. This adds up to an estimated 15 million pumpkins. In fact, over a quarter of all Halloween pumpkins end up in landfill, resulting in 18,000 tonnes of food waste. This is symptomatic of a wider food waste problem, with the average family with kids wasting £70 worth of food per month. To raise awareness and celebrate solutions to the scary amount of seasonal food waste, Toast Ale, Hubbub, and Brewdog Tower Hill Outpost are collaborating to toast to a less wasteful Halloween. The trio will brew, Dubbel Dubbel Toil and Trouble, a Belgian style Pumpkin Dubbel, as part of Hubbub’s annual #PumpkinRescue campaign.

Dubbel Dubbel Toil and Trouble | A Belgian style Pumpkin Dubbel

Like all Toast beers, the brew will use surplus fresh bread, which will be sourced from the National Bakery School. For this special collaboration, the recipe will also incorporate the flesh from surplus pumpkins. The pumpkins will be sourced through Feedback’s Gleaning Network. After Halloween, any pumpkins not harvested for commercial use will be left to rot – the Gleaning Network allows volunteers the opportunity to collect and redistribute this surplus.

The beer has been brewed on the 4th of November at Brewdog Tower Hill Outpost and will be available on draught in six Brewdog bars across London, launching on 28th November in time to celebrate Thanksgiving. Proceeds will go to Hubbub to help fix the food system. Here’s to a world with less waste and a beer with more taste.. #HeresToChange #PumpkinRescue

About Toast Ale

Food production is the biggest contributor to climate change but one third of all food is wasted. Toast Ale is here to change that. Toast brews planet-saving beer with surplus fresh bread from bakeries and the sandwich industry.  All profits go to charities fixing the food system. Toast is a certified B Corporation.

About Hubbub

Hubbub is a charity which explores innovative ways to interest mainstream consumers in important sustainability issues, through different ‘hubs’ of activity: Food; Fashion; Homes; Neighbourhoods. Hubbub’s previous campaigns have included #SquareMileChallenge, the UK’s first large scale solution to coffee cup recycling, #GiftABundle to get pre-loved baby clothes back into circulation and #PumpkinRescue to encourage more people to eat the carvings from their Halloween Pumpkins. This year there are over 25 Pumpkin Rescue events going on around the UK.

Website: Toast Ale

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