Dry Iced | Making dry ice within a minute


The Dry Iced machine is the latest product of Co-Two. With the machine, dry ice can be made within a minute. The machine uses liquid carbon dioxide in order to make the dry ice and is capable of making 200 grams of dry ice within 60 seconds. Unrefrigerated the ice can be stored for 45 minutes.

Dry Iced

Dry ice (also called smoked ice) is being used to present products in a spectacular and fun way. Examples are cocktails (check out this video), mixed drinks or the presentation of certain dishes or desserts. Especially during Halloween dry ice can be used to give that extra bit of experience.

The Dry Iced is from the same company as The Iced. This machine makes it possible to instantly provide your glasses with a layer of ice, all done through carbon dioxide. Useful to serve extra cold drinks in a different way.

Website: Co-Two

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