Down Town Gourmet Market | Food market in Eindhoven


Last King’s Day I was in Eindhoven and in advance I received an email with a tip about a recently opened food market in Eindhoven: Down Town Gourmet Market. Although we already had a reservation for another restaurant, we couldn’t resist to have a quick look at this new market. It seemed that everybody was enjoying themselves as it was quite busy!

Down Town Gourmet Market in Eindhoven

Once you’ve entered the Down Town Gourmet Market through the outside terrace, you’ll find plenty of mini restaurants and foodtrucks. There is a bar located in the centre where you can get your drinks, just as at other food markets. The concept of a food market is clearly shown here, you can for instance enjoy coffee & sandwiches, Turkish specialties, sushi, tacos, hotdogs, Italian food, fries & vegetables, ice cream (made with the Gelato machine), Indian streetfood, empeñadas, burgers & wings, fish, oysters, meat, Vietnamese food, Afghan streetfood, cheese, Dutch ‘bitterballen’, Indonesian food and Spanish pintxos.

Down Town Gourmet Market | Participants

The list of participating concepts can be found on the website of Down Town Gourmet Market. Anyone can become a member of the ‘cooperation’. Professionals, cooking enthusiasts, students, expats, families etc. You can either choose to consume your food and drinks a the market or buy  ingredients for a great home-made meal. Down Town Gourmet Market is open from 12:00 p.m. till 12:00 a.m. and is open days six days a week. You can only pay by debit- or credit card. Cozy to meet friends!

Website: Down Town Gourmet Market

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