Dorilocos or crazy Doritos


Nice to serve at your terrace, small or big bags of Doritos chips at which guests are able to choose the toppings they like. Originates from Mexico where Dorilocos or crazy Doritos are hugely popular at local markets.

Dorilocos at your terrace?

We did already write about the Dorilocos at ‘trends we spotted this week – week 14’. We did receive a couple of enthusiastic reactions, as we did kind of hide this idea in a bunch of trends, we decided to give a bit more attention to these crazy Doritos.

It seems that markets all over Mexico serve bags of Doritos chips, cut open and topped to your liking. With avocado dip, cheese, crunchy vegetables, hot Mexican sauces, nuts, bacon bits and sour cream.

Nice to serve on a terrace! You can use all sorts of chips and offer guests a choice of sauces and toppings served from a nice booth. We haven’t seen it yet here in the Netherlands. If you are going to serve these crazy Doritos on your terrace, send us a few photos and we will publish about it! ^Marjolein van Spronsen

Website: Doritos

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