DoorDash | Makes food delivery more convenient using robots


DoorDash is an on-demand restaurant food delivery services connecting customers with local businesses, now also by using robots. The company founded in 2013, is only to be found in the United States and Canada but their goal is to bring their services to every corner of the world.

DoorDash | Food delivery using robots

In 2017, on-demand restaurant delivery service DoorDash rolled out six food delivery robots in California after an extensive trial. The robots are designed by Starship Technologies, a London-based robotics company. Starship Technologies aims to make on-demand delivery more efficient by using robots complete deliveries in congested urban areas, where driving can often be a challenge.

The company has found that robots are best suited to short journeys of  between one and two miles, while the company’s ‘Dashers’ – human couriers – will continue to handle bigger, more complex deliveries. Below you’ll find a video about the robot delivery service.

Change in customer expectations for on-demand food delivery

To date, consumer expectations for on-demand food and drink delivery are increasing and people are willing to pay extra for convenience. According to recent data from Lux Research, consumers are willing to pay more for each added layer of convenience in the foodchain, from online grocery delivery to restaurant take-out. That’s why more and more food service companies are experimenting with new ways to deliver products to their customers.

Not the first time

This is not the first time we spotted food delivery using robots. In May we wrote an article about Domino’s Pizza robots, robots that are delivering pizza’s to customers in selected Dutch and German cities. These robots were also designed by Starship Technologies.

Are robot deliveries the future? Well, we think it might take a while before we see them everywhere. Even DoorDash CEO indicates that he sees the robots as complimentary next to his ‘Dashers’ in the video of BuzzFeed News. In this video the interviewer tries to steal a meal from a robot. Interesting because it shows the possibilities of the robot.

Website: DoorDash

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