Do you create the ‘Ultimate Bite’ for Hellmann’s?


Hospitality entrepreneurs in Belgium and the Netherlands are challenged by Hellmann’s to make ‘The Ultimate Bite’. The winner gets a commercial campaign for his/her own business,  to the value of €5.000,=, at The Ultimate Bite live finale on the 23rd of May in the ‘Kookfabriek’ in Amsterdam. You can sign up till the 20th of March 2016 on

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Hellmann’s, the world’s number 1 mayonnaise, challenges owners and chefs of lunchrooms, sandwich stores, brasseries and cafes to make to most delicious ‘bite’. The rules are clear: the bite has to be based on bread, the recipe needs to contain at least one Hellmann’s product but most importantly the bite has to be original and tasty. “With The Ultimate Bite we want to inspire hospitality entrepreneurs to think about their menu. We want to give them practical tips to give a little twist to their meals, making them even more delicious and original and at the same time bring more revenue and margin. What can be improved or slightly changed? Not everything has to go, but sometimes with just a small adjustment to the dish, taste and appearance can be improved.” Says Jacqueline Spruit of Hellmann’s.


Eventually a professional jury  will pick a winner together with the Dutch audience. Jord Althuizen (concept creator of The Rough Kitchen and owner of Smokey Business) also joins the jury panel: “The Ultimate Bite is a great initiative of Hellmann’s! I was immediately thrilled to join the jury panel. I love it when entrepreneurs are being challenged to come up with new ideas. I also have to renew my food concepts continuously to stay ahead. This initiative inspires hospitality entrepreneurs and keeps chefs focused on an original menu!”

You can sign up for the contest at Not only can you sign up here, but also find loads of inspiring recipes, tips & tricks to increase margins and revenues for the hospitality industry and a tool for menu management.

About Hellmann’s

Hellmann’s originally is from America, where Richard Hellmann sold his mayonnaise in his delicacy store in 1905 in New York. Hellmann’s became instantly popular by hundreds of consumers. The familiar blue ribbon stands for high quality. Nowadays Hellmann’s is sold in over 50 countries all over the world and it is the world’s favourite brand (based on AC Nielsen sales and stock figures, 2010-2014).

Website: Hellmann's

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