Disaronno Day at ‘Flying Dutchman Cocktails’ | A 24-hour bar shift relay from Auckland to Los Angeles


Another good example of the “marketing”-days that are celebrated in the USA. They celebrate Amaretto Day on the 19th of April and Disaronno created their own day, and they celebrate Disaronno Day all over the world! The iconic liqueur is then the centerpiece of ‘The Longest Shift’, a 24-hour bar shift relay that starts in Auckland in Australia and ends in Los Angeles. Disaronno has asked top bartenders from all over the world to put together a creative cocktail menu especially for this day with Disaronno as one of the ingredients. The Netherlands is also part of this bar shift: top bartender Tess Posthumus will serve three signature cocktails to her guests in cocktail bar ‘Flying Dutchmen Cocktails’ in Amsterdam.

Disaronno Day

Tess Posthumus: “Disaronno is not only one of the world’s best-known liqueurs, but with its special taste of almond tones, it is also an ideal ingredient for making cocktails. And we want to show that with three variants that we will serve to our guests on 19 April from 7.30 p.m. The first is the Killer Cocktail, the winning drink of the Global Finals of Disaronno The Mixing Star in 2013. With the Frozen Irish Coffee I give my interpretation of a New Orleans classic and as the third variant I chose Disaronno Sour. For me a real cocktail classic with a stimulating sweet / sour balance. Three variations that show how versatile cocktails with Disaronno can be.”

14 cities in ‘The Longest Shift’

At 19.30 local time the first shift starts in Auckland and then moves from time zone to time zone all over the world to end up in Los Angeles after 24 hours. All bartenders, participating catering businesses and guests in every time zone in the world, celebrate Disaronno Day together. Participating cities are – in addition to Auckland and Los Angeles – Shanghai, Moscow, Athens, Amsterdam, Brussels, Milan, Berlin, Madrid, London, Cape Town, New York and Montreal. At all those locations, top bartenders, affiliated with the global bartender community, demonstrate the versatility of Disaronno by putting together a special cocktail menu. Tess: “By celebrating Disaronno Day we celebrates creativity and innovation in the cocktail world and I want to show that in Amsterdam.”

Special offers during ‘Disaronno Day’-month

Disaronno Day is also celebrated with the consumer on April 19. To give Disaronno Day extra attention, throughout the month of April, Disaronno cocktails are brought to the attention at various catering establishments and cocktail bars in The Netherlands. Consumers can also celebrate Disaronno Day at home with cocktails that are easy to prepare, such as the super fresh Disaronno Sour, the Disaronno Fizz or Disaronno-mule.

The following three cocktails are offered on April 19 in cocktail bar ‘Flying Dutchman Cocktails’ via a special menu:

Killer cocktail

  • 45 ml Disaronno
  • 30 ml of Beefeater gin
  • 30 ml of fresh lime juice
  • 10 ml of Campari
  • 10 ml passion fruit syrup

Method: shake everything well and pour through a sieve into a glass with crushed ice. Garnish with a lemon peel in the shape of a shark fin and three drops of Cranberry bitters.

Frozen Irish Coffee by Tess

  • 30 ml Writers ’Tears Copper Pot Whiskey
  • 30 ml of espresso
  • 30 ml almond milk
  • 30 ml vanilla syrup
  • 10 ml Disaronno

Method: Shake and pour into a souvenir FDC glass. Garnish with a short straw and a small Dutch ‘stroopwafeltje’.

Disaronno Sour

  • 60 ml Disaronno
  • 30 ml of lime juice
  • 5 ml sugar syrup
  • 1 part egg white
  • 1 part Angostura bitters

Method: Shake all ingredients with ice. Garnish with the zest of an orange.

Website: Disaronno

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