Denny’s invites everyone to be ‘Friends with Benny’s’ | Special deal Valentine’s Day cards


  • Bennys by Denny's - Valentine's Day CardsBennys by Denny's - Valentine's Day Cards

Whether you’re coupled up, best friends or even in a ‘situationship’, Denny’s recently announced the perfect Valentine’s Day cards to help guests tell that special someone they are saucier than hollandaise and tastier than bacon.

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Valentine’s Day cards | Friends with Benny’s

For a limited time, guests can purchase Valentine’s Day gift ‘cards’ at and invite their current flame to become Friends with Benny’s (FWB) over a classic breakfast meal at Denny’s. Each FWB card can be purchased for $12.99 and includes a voucher worth $25.98, the value of two Classic or Southwestern Benny breakfasts. With only 500 cards available, it’s never too early to get yours before they’re gone.

“Valentine’s Day is a special moment worthy of celebration and our guests never have to overspend to make it memorable,” said Denny’s President John Dillon. “At Denny’s, we’re always proud to be a welcoming place where people can connect over great food at a great value.”

Benny and Southwestern Benny Breakfasts

The Classic Benny and Southwestern Benny Breakfasts are popular dishes on Denny’s classic breakfast menu that are both served with hash browns. The Classic Benny Breakfast features a toasted English muffin topped with ham, over –medium eggs and Hollandaise sauce, while the Southwestern Benny Breakfast is topped with chorizo, pico de gallo and drizzled with five pepper sauce for a spicy bite.

Last year we wrote about Denny’s social stars influenced menu.

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