Deliveroo | Your favorite dishes also to order for a picnic


Throughout the year, Deliveroo delivers the dishes of your favorite local restaurant to everyone’s kitchen table, couch, bed or office. This spring, the delivery service will launch its improved GPS delivery. To date, the delivery service was only limited to the delivery of food at several parcs. From this year onwards, via GDP-coordinates, Deliveroo will also deliver meals in different areas such as picnic areas, to a boat or to a seat by the water. 


In the Vondelpark in Amsterdam, near the canals of Utrecht or at the Haagse Bos (forest in The Hague); In the future, Deliveroo’s delivery providers deliver orders to any available location you can imagine via GPS coordinates.

Whether you’re relaxing in the sun at a parc or on a boat, by using Deliveroo’s iOs or Android app, you can have your favorite food and drinks delivered within a few minutes and without having to move. Deliveroo will deliver your preferred cold wines and specialty beers, anywhere you want.

The precise GPS tracking is not only used to determine the delivery location. It also allows you to track your order in real time.

Bron: Deliveroo

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