Deliveroo delivers the most delicious meals


Delivery service Deliveroo makes sure to deliver ‘quality meals’. The delivery service distinguishes itself from others by taking over the whole process from the restaurant. Everyone does what he or she does best. The restaurant prepares the meals, Deliveroo delivers and we order and eat it.

Deliveroo: mainly in the big cities in the Netherlands

If you live in Amsterdam, Utrecht, The Hague or Haarlem you probably have seen the delivery bikers   crossing through to traffic. On their back they carry a meal box with the logo of the delivery service: a kangaroo. Who is this new player in the delivery world and where do they suddenly come from?

Deliveroo originally is a British company which is active is about fifty cities worldwide.  Amsterdam is added to that list some months ago and now Haarlem, The Hague and Utrecht as well. Restaurants like The Butcher, The Fat Dog and Michiu Restaurant Lounge use this delivery service and see it as an advantage that Deliveroo takes over the whole delivery process. The restaurants focus on what they  do best and don’t have to worry about the delivery and everything that comes with it. The difference between Deliveroo and delivery services like ‘’ is the quality of the restaurants. It doesn’t have to be luxurious, as long as it’s high quality food.


Deliveroo isn’t the only one who delivers this way. The biggest competitor is Foodora who is also  active in Amsterdam, Utrecht and The Hague. Besides that there’s smaller competition, like and  Taxi service Uber started a delivery service as well, UberEATS, mainly in the big cities of the US and Paris for example. This shows there is a strong demand for high quality delivery meals.

Recently Food Inspiration interviewed the general manager of Deliveroo the Netherlands. You can check the video here.


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