DeDAKKAS | green hospitality concept strats with crowdfunding!


Saturday the 10th of June DeDAKKAS started a crowdfunding campaign in order to realize their project, a green hospitality concept on top of parking garage ‘de Kamp’ in the city centre of Haarlem. According to the initiators the concept, situated in urban area of Haarlem, will be unique and approachable. A place to relax, with a great view over the city centre while enjoying pure food and drinks. Besides the hospitality greenhouse there will also be a rooftop terrace and a city park to create a social, green and sustainable surrounding.

One of the most ugliest buildings in Haarlem, and one of the most beautiful locations in the picturesque city centre

Once standing on the roof, after struggling through metres of concrete you will be rewarded with a unique view over the city. Due to the view combined with the peace of this spot, the entrepreneurs came up with the idea to turn this place into a casual and relax hospitality hotspots. A location to meet friends in order to chat and relax on one of the sunbeds. It has the ambiance of a beach pavilion, but then in the city centre of Haarlem.

Green facade

In the meantime the first steps of the transformation are realised. The west facade is provided with green bins with creepers, by the municipality in cooperation with DeDAKKAS. From next season on the facade will have a luxuriant, green and colourful appearance. Besides the amazing appearance the façade will also reduce the heat and will take up dust, which is good for the ambition of the municipality to make the city greener.

Sustainable business

DeDAKKAS’s intentions are to let her guests meet the innovative sustainable development in food, drinks and urban farming in a relaxed atmosphere. In order to unconscious create consciousness. Besides the standard assortment there will also be room for self-brewed beer with rainwater or rest products from the food industry. DeDAKKAS is composting their own garbage, will partly provide its own power supply and will use as much biological and local products as possible. Green and vertical gardening will get a central place on the rooftop. Besides all the above the DeDAKKAS will cultivate their own ingredients if possible.

The complete refurbishment will start this Autumn. They expect to open DeDAKKAS its door on the 1st March 2018. Do you want to support the initiative? From today on you can help raise money on the website of CrowdAboutNow.

Website: DeDAKKAS

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