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Expensive materials are used to build decoration for festivals, to subsequently have to break it down again after the event and sometimes it will even be thrown away. DecoDive wants to change that and become the eBay for festival decorations. Soon everybody will be able to rent decoration at the website of DecoDive.

DecoDive dresses the festivals

The lineup of artists is of course the most important part at festivals, but the creative aspect plays an important role as well. Decoration of festivals and events has become an indispensable element. The DecoDive team consists of festival organizers and technicians. The idea for DecoDive is born out of frustration. Their own research and experience shows that festivals create a lot of waste and part of that is decorations. Expensive materials are used to build decorations, in order to break it down right after the event and it’s even often thrown away. Not very sustainable….

sharing economy

At the DecoDive platform festival organizers and designers can rent or lease their decoration and furnishings. “With DecoDive we want to contribute to the sharing economy and take off the pressure on budgets and the environment,” says Pim Vossen, one of the founders. The project contributes to a number of things:

  • Reduce the footprint of the festivals and events;
  • Change the mindset of organizers and stage designers (circular design and construction);
  • A source of inspiration;
  • Provide a ‘marketing platform’ to creative decoration builders.

Scale festival market

According to the founders, there are currently more than 800 festivals (with 3.000 visitors or more) per year in the Netherlands and is the ‘festivalization’ a fact. In addition there are thousands of smaller festivals (with up to 3.000 visitors).

Open House

In 2015, DecoDive took part in Open-House, a start-up accelerator organized by among others ABN AMRO,  ID&T and SFX Entertainment. Out of 100 entries, they were – along with four other teams – elected to enter a start-up process in which these parties helped them. They have done market research at this start-up accelerator and launched their beta website. “At this moment we are working on the development of the entire site,” says Pim Vossen. ^ Bram Kosterink

Website: DecoDive

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