Curiosity Kitchen gives the ancient ‘oliebol’ new flavours


Curiosity Kitchen has created three unique ‘oliebol’ flavours. An oliebol is a traditional Dutch treat at New Year’s Eve and tastes like a donut. The flavours: hazelnut paste, lemon curd and raisins soaked in whiskey and crispy fried bacon.

The oliebollen

They will make three types of the ancient recipe from oliebollen on the 31st of December. Oliebollen with hazelnut spread, with lemon curd and in whiskey soaked raisins and crispy fried bacon. They searched for bold flavours which also guarantee a good texture so the oliebollen still have the right creaminess, hot and cold.

Curiosity kitchen oliebollen pick-up party

The three friends, Dennis Favier, Joeri Hollink and Jeroen Advokaat will be baking the oliebollen themselves and will organise a party while selling them. The friends will start baking early in the morning and hope to sell more than 2,000 oliebollen! You can pre-order your oliebollen but they also make sure that people who are spontaneously visiting the pick-up party in Pavlov cafe in Gorinchem (The Netherlands) will be able to buy some oliebollen. Don’t be disappointed if all the oliebollen have been sold already During the pick-up party the café will serve glühwein (mulled wine) and there will be music!

Plans for 2016

Officially Curiosity Kitchen will start in 2016 and within the concept they will design new food concepts and products. Meaning that with this initiative they will start 2016 appropriately! Dennis and Joery both are educated food designers and they have many plans, including a series of Kitchen Takeovers. As Dennis Favier told on the phone; they are going to bring their hobby into practice and hope that this will grow beyond their wildest dreams. We wish them lots of success! ^ Marjolein

Website: Curiosity Kitchen

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