Croquette made of Shiitake mushrooms


A croquette with Shiitake mushrooms. Shiitake mushrooms are healthy, delicious and a good substitute for meat. FungiFuturi grows delicious and super nutritious mushrooms in the cellar of an abandoned office building in Eindhoven. They are crowdfunding an innovative snack line of mushrooms. The first product of the line is the shiitake croquette, they presented these croquettes during the Dutch Design Week last October. The video above is about the shiitake croquette, with still 12 days to go, the project has already been funded for 144%.

Shiitake mushrooms fresh from the city farm for mushrooms

The founder of the city farm for mushrooms is Doreen Westphal. She is a designer and founder of ‘Mensch Made’. Doreen has a mission: to produce nutritious food without further exhausting of the earth. Mushrooms are tasty, healthy and contribute to the ‘circular economy’ involving the maximum reuse of raw materials without impairment loss. Doreen: “Mushrooms are my great passion. That is why I founded the city farm for mushrooms in Eindhoven in May 2015 and called it: FungiFuturi.”

Website: FungiFuturi

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