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Creator, a burger experience! With a Start-to-finish fully automated preparation process to create their gourmet burgers. They soft launched June 2018 in San Francisco, offering customers their first taste of what may just be the future of fast food. At Creator’s heart is a robot kitchen which automatically creates gourmet burgers using haute cuisine techniques of alums from Michelin-starred restaurants including Chez Panisse and Momofuku who worked closely with roboticists from Disney Imagineering, NASA, and Tesla to create it. The result is a burger so precise and gourmet, it can’t practically be made by hand. In fact, they call their burger the freshest burger on the market! For example the beef in the patty doesn’t get ground until after the order is placed. Even the tomatoes, pickles, and onions are sliced crisp to order, buns are sliced in half after the order is placed and the cheese is grated directly onto the bun before it’s melted. Sauce is dispensed down to the milliliter and seasoning is dispensed down to the gram. Creator is located in the San Francisco SOMA district at 680 Folsom Street.

The ultimate robot kitchen | Creates one of the freshest burgers ever

Because these gourmet burgers are created effortlessly, at the push of a button, Creator can spend much more on the cost of ingredients than any other burger restaurant at its price point. That means that guests get to enjoy better ingredients and support better farms yet at an accessible price point.  The unique result: guests can enjoy high-end burgers at a price point affordable to everyone, their gourmet burgers costs $6!

The restaurant is 2,200 square feet, has 44 indoor seats and 32 outdoor seat. The restaurant is now open for walk-ins from Wednesday till Friday from 11.30 am till 2 pm.

About staff, sustainability and energy at the ultimate robot kitchen

Staff are not behind a cash register, separated by a counter from guests when they order, which means more personable interactions with Creator’s burger consulting experts who hang out at the store with smartphones, building meals with guests. Once the ideal burger meal is locked in, guests can watch their burger being made in glorious transparency from just a foot away. Creator’ staff starts at $16/hour and includes exposure to technical skills and robotics principles. Restaurant staff are even able to spend 5% of their time on the clock reading or learning anything they like, anything that may contribute to a better future for them. The culinary robot kitchen is all-electric and pollutants are contained in a non-human-occupied airstream (this is pretty much unheard of in restaurants). There are no burning fossil fuels in the restaurant, the induction griddle only powers up when cooking a burger order, whereas most burger griddles are gas and are on continuously.

Leadership team: Alex Vardakostas, Founder & CEO, he created the prototype of the robot kitchen in his parents garage. Steve Frehn, Co-Founder, COO is responsible for growing the framework, operations, strategy, and future of all hiring from advanced R&D to manufacturing and operations. David Bordow, Culinary Lead & Experience Designer, he cooked at Chez Panisse and at Creator, he spends his days applying human centered design principles in the creation of their products.

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