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Cookaholics, a caterer in the Tilburg region in the Netherlands and Festival Circolo have signed a collaboration agreement on 14 August 2018. The goal of the collaboration is to make Festival Circolo an unforgettable experience in both cultural and culinary terms. The kitchen arena of Festival Circolo, the festival for contemporary circus, is staffed by Cookaholics, famous in Tilburg and cities nearby. Cookaholics will be cooking at Bistro Food Jugglers. Festival Circolo takes place from Friday 12 to Sunday 21 October in the Leijpark in Tilburg.

Bistro Food Jugglers | By Cookaholics

The kitchen of a good restaurant is like a circus arena. Tricks, delights and poetry alternate on the plate. Created through cooperation, excellent skills and mutual trust. The kitchen arena of Festival Circolo is staffed by Cookaholics. They are driven by enthusiasm. With passion to create beautiful and delicious food and drinks. With the originality, innovation, quality and love for the profession, Cookaholics knows how to turn every event into a total experience. Some people call this catering, others call it art. In short, the right combination with a cultural event such as Festival Circolo.

Bistro Food Jugglers, which seats around 200 guests per night, is situated in a transparent tent, so you stay connected with the circus atmosphere outside on the premises. In addition to the fixed menu Bistro Food Jugglers also serves daily changing specials. The bistro is for festival visitors but also for guests who want to eat in a special atmosphere. There are also numerous options for business arrangements.

Bistro Food Jugglers in the Tilburg Leijpark is open during Festival Circolo. A private business event will take place on Thursday 11 October. Mid-September the menu of Bistro Food Jugglers by Cookaholics will be online and can be booked via

Festival Circolo

Festival Circolo, the festival for contemporary circuses, will be taking place at Tilburg Leijpark from Friday 12 to Sunday 21 October for the first time. During this event, more than 100 short and longer circus performances will be shown by international companies and Dutch talent. Festival Circolo expects more than 20,000 visitors.

Website: Festival Circolo | Cookaholics

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